Auto Mechanic and Automotive Schools in Wyoming

In Wyoming, auto mechanic schools offer certificate and degree programs in the major areas of vehicle repair and maintenance, including motorcycle, diesel and automotive technology. These programs provide students with the fundamental skills necessary to diagnose problems, conduct repairs and handle routine vehicle maintenance. Most programs typically last between six and twelve months and cover a variety of specialty topics, from automotive HVAC to advanced engine repair. Automotive schools in Wyoming also offer online courses, an option that is a great choice for working mechanics and technicians seeking to complete a certificate or degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the 2014 mean annual salary was just over $41,560 for Wyoming auto mechanics and service technicians, and nearly $52,520 for bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists. Among Wyoming's cities, mechanics in Casper had a higher mean income of $39,230. The southwestern non-metropolitan area of the state was lucrative for auto mechanics, who in that region had a mean annual wage of $37,200, and the northeastern non-metropolitan area was best for diesel specialists, who in that region had a mean annual wage of $50,700.



Automotive Schools in Wyoming

*This list may contain out-of-state and online schools that accept students from Wyoming.