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Penn Foster Career School

In today's competitive job market, having the right skills is a must! At Penn Foster you may gain modern career skills with a purpose of preparing you for the jobs of both today and the future. With programs that reflect the most modern methods in today's workplace, our staff continually monitors and updates our materials.

The success of the training at Penn Foster is evident in the success of our students. The training is designed with busy people in mind, those who know what they want, but are limited in the time they have to attend classes.

Just a few of the benefits of choosing Penn Foster:

Low Tuition - You can train for a new career with Penn Foster, at a price that won't break the bank. Our value-priced tuition includes all necessary class materials.

Convenience - Complete lessons and learning aids necessary to conclude your training will come right to your house. You won't have to rearrange your schedule, nor will there be a hassle of commuting to class. Study according to your own time and location needs, and maintain time for both family and social activities.

Reliability - You will find yourself greatly benefited by the training that you receive, as we are the world leader in at-home education programs. The Penn Foster methods for training have aided many men and women to better their jobs and their lives for over a hundred years. Enrollment at Penn Foster will ensure you the ability to receive high-quality training that can help you reach your goals.

Support - Although you will be learning at home, you will not be learning alone. Available to you will be the assistance from instructors, consultants and all other staff members that share a dedication to you and your educational needs. You can place a toll-free phone call or send an e-mail at any time in which you have a question.

1. Auto Body Repair Technician

Program Overview

Penn Foster Career School helps students prepare for careers as Auto Body Repair Technicians within the comforts of your home at your own rate!

Hands-on training is provided in:

  • Body shop basics and tools
  • Air supply materials, welding, and metalworking
  • Miscellaneous repairs and surface preparation
  • Refinishing equipment and body painting

What might you do after completing an Auto Body Repair Technician training program? Some graduates:

  • Open their own business.
  • Maintain a career for a preexisting body shop.

2. Auto Detailer

Gain the knowledge about auto detailing while studying at home and at your own speed from Penn Foster Career School.

In order to become an auto detailer, you will need to acquire certain skills. The Penn Foster Career School program in Auto Detailing will help you learn these skills both fast and easily.

Detailed instruction is offered:

  • Working on such mediums as vinyl, plastic, leather, and chrome.
  • Cleaning, both exterior and interior.
  • Proper and safe use of auto detailing equipment and supplies.
  • Preparations necessary to sell and display automobiles.

Auto Detailers may encounter a variety of career opportunities. There is much need for those with the professional skills to turn an old car into new.

Auto Detailers can:

  • Pursue a career with car painting companies, dealerships and body shops.
  • Perform maintenance on classic and antique vehicles, when properly trained.
  • You should have flexibility to choose your hours and projects.

3. Auto Repair Technician

Penn Foster Career School allows you to learn the skills you need to become an Auto Repair Technician at home and at your own pace.

Penn Foster's accredited, at home program makes learning the skills you need to start your career as an Auto Repair Technician affordable and convenient. Auto repair technicians can develop experience with fuel and exhaust systems, different alignments, transmissions and other components.

Why enroll in an Auto Repair Technician training program? Successful students can gain knowledge that can be applied at established garages or may choose to start their own businesses.

With leniency allowed you can choose to complete training as soon as one year from today, or take a little longer to complete if you desire.

4. Diesel Mechanics/ Heavy Truck Maintenance

Pursue diesel mechanic training - through Penn Foster Career School's online program while working at home, at your own pace.

Interested in the field of diesel mechanics? Penn Foster Career School's program in Diesel Mechanics/Heavy Truck Maintenance offers coursework in:

  • Diesel Engine Fundamentals
  • Hydromechanical Diesel Fuel Injection Systems
  • Computerized Truck and Bus Systems Management
  • Truck Steering, Suspension, Brake and Transmission Systems

Why should I consider a distance learning Diesel Mechanics training program for Diesel Mechanics? Study may enable you to start your own business, or work at an established repair shop. All it will take is one year from today to finish your training.

5. Motorcycle Repair Technician

At Penn Foster Career School you can learn everything you need to know to become a motorcycle repair technician right from inside your own home at your own convenient schedule.

Develop your skills in inspections, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting. You will be able to work with engines, ignition systems, and electrical circuits, as well as inspect and repair of suspensions, steering, and frames. This program will allow you to perform tasks on everything from brakes and tires, to wheel assemblies. The growing field of Motorcycle Repair can lead to a moneymaking career.

Graduates of the Penn Foster Motorcycle Repair Technician program have worked for motorcycle or marine vehicle dealerships. Some have gone on to open their own motorcycle repair shops.

6. Small Engine Repair

You can learn how to repair small engines from home through Penn Foster Career School. Study the repair of small engines, from lawn mowers to motorboats and recreational vehicles. Our Small Engine Repair diploma will provide you the skills you need to succeed because employers prefer to hire mechanics that graduate from formal training programs.

You will also learn how to:

  • Repair and troubleshoot engine components and systems.
  • Work with engines, ignition systems, and electrical circuits.
  • Inspection and repair of fuel systems in small engines.
  • Disassemble and rebuild all forms of small engines, including riding mower, two-stroke, four-stroke, and outboard.

The tools and supplies will be made available to you as part of the program!

Tools, supplies, and repair manuals for your hands-on training in Small Engine Repair are included in the Penn Foster Small Engine Repair training program.

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