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Nashville Auto Diesel College - NADC

Are you looking for a reputable institution that provides hands-on automotive training?

Success of its students is the primary objective of Nashville Auto-Diesel College. Since it was established in 1919, auto mechanics was included in the teachings. Several years later, in 1935, the school began providing diesel engine training. It was in the mid 1940s when Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology was added to the curriculum.

Since 1946, the Nashville Auto-Diesel College has been approved for veteran's training and is available for schools for the training of the disabled through vocational rehabilitation in about 30 states.

Ninety years of automotive tradition and students from all 50 states and 62 foreign countries are the results of NADC's excellence. NADC not only provides a campus environment but also off-campus apartments, two dormitories, as well as a full service cafeteria. NADC supplies all books and tools too.

With Nashville Auto-Diesel College, your future in automotive industry begins now.

For more than 90 years, NADC has offered a number of hands-on automotive programs to enable students to carve out a successful career in an industry providing exciting opportunities.

Automotive Technician Training

We make available the fastest career track for you to begin your success in a career in automotives as a automotive technician. Start today at Nashville Auto-Diesel College!

ASE Certified instructors with years of professional experience offer across-the-board instruction and you will obtain one-on-one, hands-on training, using techniques and industry-standard tools to complete computer diagnostics and engine dyno testing.

You will gain real world training in such subjects as:

  • Intro to Automotive technology
  • Fuel & Emissions Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Drivability Diagnostics
  • Transmissions and Drive Lines
  • And other subjects.

Once you achieve your automotive degree or certification, you will be assisted in finding a position by NADC to ensure you earn a great start in your automotive career. It is possible that you may qualify for training by manufacturers of their specific branded vehicles, allowing you to work directly with their technical teams and kick start your automobile career.

Collision Repair and Auto Body Training

Collision repair technicians who can turn damaged, wrecked piles of metal into sparkling and functional vehicles, may find enthusiastic customers.

If you are interested in building a career in this, then you can easily rely on NADC's auto body school to give you specialized training and hands-on-experience.

You will be trained in every element of collision repair, structural materials, and technological advances, including all that is involved in the auto body construction, surface prep, dent repair, and welding and cutting by our certified instructors. Just join our Diploma or Associate Degree programs and Nashville Auto-Diesel College's placement assistance will help you thereafter for a successful career in collision and repair.

Diesel Training

Explore a career in diesel! NADC offers training in diesel, emphasizing on exceptional studies in the maintaining and repairing of all large heavy diesel equipment.

You will get hands-on experience in every aspect of diesel training, from 18-wheelers to buses, trains and mining and construction equipment, with industry-standard vehicles and tools, from certified instructors.

You will receive hands-on training in the following fields: Diesel Engines & Repair, Truck Brakes & Chassis, Diesel Fuel Systems, Diesel Electronics & Diagnosis, Hydraulic Applications, and so much more! Whether you go for the Diploma, Associate, or Advanced Degree Diesel programs, the skills you acquire at our Diesel School can put you in big demand across the country.

After you complete your studies, NADC's national job placement can help give you the competitive edge necessary to begin your career as a real "mover and shaker" in the business world of rigs and diesel engines.

High Performance Training at Nashville Auto-Diesel College

Available to you by NADC's high performance school is the opportunity to kick start your career and work your way into success.

You will be able to learn the newest advances in car modification, sport-tuning and dyno-testing personal and professional vehicles for optimum function and speed with hands-on high performance training. You'll go from the highway to the racecourse in this exciting field!

Industry-standard tools and equipment are available for you when you train in engine modification, suspension and exhaust systems. Learn with our certified instructors. Engine building, HP cylinder heads, engine blocks and drive line systems, as well as performance steering, suspension and brakes are also offered in some automotive programs.

NADC's national placement program offers assistance after graduation.