Job Expectations and Salaries for Audi Mechanics

Many aspects of a career need to be examined prior to entry into the study field or the audi mechanic industry. A potential student or employee may consider the job expectations and income of the position. Job expectations could include details like hours worked each week, shift hours, specific duties associated with the position and general tasks that are required. Income varies with experience and positions from entry level service technicians to the manager of the department as well as the area in which the individual will be employed.

A service technician or an audi mechanic has a set of expected duties or tasks to perform each day. An audi mechanic that is employed by a dealership will, if scheduled to, open the service garage and prepare it for the day's work. The employee is responsible for the accurate diagnosis of any audi vehicle brought into the dealership for repair through the use of advanced diagnostic equipment and deductive reasoning. The audi mechanic will ensure that the repairs meet Audi specifications and that the customer receives quality service. The mechanic may need to speak with the client after the diagnosis is made to confirm that the client indeed wants the repairs performed.

An audi mechanic's job is not just to repair the vehicles. The individual will also be required to keep their tools and equipment in working order and to keep the area in which they work clean and free of debris as this lowers the probability of accidents. The audi mechanic will be responsible for preparing the work order and filling out paperwork correctly so the client and the company are satisfied with the work provided. Keeping to the schedule of appointments is critical in the life of an audi mechanic; the mechanic must be proficient as to provide quality customer service. He may also be responsible for closing the service garage at the end of the work day. This will include submitting payments for the day, accounting for any payments in cash as well as credit cards, and locking the building before they leave.

Along with these specialized duties, the audi mechanic may have general tasks assigned by their manager or superior from time to time. These may include assisting the sales team in the lot by moving cars when the dealership receives a new shipment, or in a spring or season cleaning event held by the employer. He may need to assist a customer in finding a sales person or loan officer and general customer service. Job expectations and descriptions are considered in conjunction with salary to gain a better understanding of the career path of an audi mechanic.

An entry level audi mechanic position may range in income from $35,000 to $50,000 annually. Compensation often varies by geographic location and no amount of income is guaranteed. As the mechanic gains experience and seniority at a given location of employment their salary will increase. By the sixth or seventh year of employment as an Audi mechanic an employee may expect to make close to $80,000 a year. During this period an individual may wish to become a master audi mechanic and push their earnings. This takes additional training and experience to attain, and leads the individual open to more advancement opportunities.

After becoming a master audi mechanic, the employee may consider managing the service department or opening their own service company. A managerial position affords the individual with approximately the same income as a master audi mechanic, but may typically offers better benefits. A privately owned and operated service shop could potentially earn an owner over $200,000 a year, but will depend upon the demand and what the market will support in a given area.