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Ashworth University has grown to be a leader throughout the world in the comprehensive and globally accredited online education. What were once three separate schools, Professional Career Development Institute, Ashworth College and James Madison High School have now all been merged into one school - Ashworth University. By doing so, the results were tremendous since the coursework is very diverse and reaches and supports several services and instructional augmentation.

In thirty-plus years, Ashworth University has added 75 career-oriented programs including an online Auto Mechanics Course. There are now millions of intelligent students that benefit greatly from the flexible schedules made available at Ashworth University. The University offers quality and meaningful education, which helps the students to attain their personal and professional objectives.

Because Ashworth offers a lifestyle-friendly learning schedule, students are able to learn where, when, and how they deem appropriate. As a student, you will choose your own pace of study, create your own schedule, and even set your own deadlines. With a simple click of the mouse, you are able to seek tutorial guidance.

The faculty at Ashworth University is dedicated to providing students of all ages and backgrounds the best educational experience possible, instilling specialized knowledge and skills that will assist the students in their chosen career field. Although the coursework is challenging, the faculty makes sure the student can comprehend the studies. Ashworth University does all that it can do to provide their students with success. Rather you seek a promotion at work or enjoy the subject as a hobby, we will help you make it happen.


Ashworth makes it possible for you to gain the know-how to repair as well as maintain vehicles and all their parts. Thoroughly covered within the coursework is the operation, components, performance standards and inspection procedures of all types of automobile systems. You will completely understand the engine, drive train, transmission, fuel system, carburetor, starter, power system, exhaust, wheels, brakes, emissions, cooling, lubrication, electronics accessories and more.

There are eighteen lessons that make up the Auto Mechanics Course Online , all of which are easy to understand, however can be challenging and stimulating. The student is initially presented with the subject matter preview and objectives. The instructor will also include an introductory note along with a vocabulary builder of words and terms relating to the subject matter.

As a student, you may take advantage of textbooks that are full of vivid illustrations, study guides, Craftsman 15-piece wrench sets, along with a career search guide and a time management guide. Your online exams are open-book. Tutorial assistance is available upon your request as well as convenient online student support. As a graduation gift from us to you, you will be given a Craftsman socket wrench set.

Working in auto repair can help you form positive relationships within your community. Satisfied customers are sometimes pleased to recommend you to their friends and family who need similar service. With a job well done, you can positively impact your customers' safety.

Since there will always be vehicles, you'll always have a job and in high demand too. As an auto repair expert, you can expect high pay as well. The Unites States Department of Labor says that "people who complete automotive training programs" have an excellent job outlook.

Some jobs with excellent career options are:

  • Department store service mechanic
  • Rental care fleet mechanic
  • Auto parts specialist
  • Specialty shop technician
  • Emissions inspector
  • Accessories installer
  • Car test driver/mechanic
  • Electronics specialist
  • Motorcycle Repair

You can obtain a complete study of motorcycles in two-stroke and in four-stroke engines, transmission, drive train, fuel, carburetor, brakes, clutch, steering, suspension, frame, cooling system, electrical system and more.

ou should learn how to repair and replace headlights, signal lights, spark plugs, points and tires, as well as perform routine maintenance, lubrication and essential troubleshooting. We strongly encourage you to get experience while you work on your own bike.

The Motorcycle Repair Course is made up of eighteen complete lessons. Each lesson is designed to be stimulating while still being easy enough to understand. At the beginning of each lesson you will be presented with a subject matter preview and objectives, an introductory note from your instructor and a vocabulary builder of new words and terms.

As a student, you will take advantage of clearly illustrated lesson books, study guides, starter set of repair tools, a time management guide, as well as open-book - online exams, access to tutorial assistance and easily obtainable online student support. Also, a Craftsman socket set will be given upon completion as a Graduation Gift.

Usually any motorcycle mechanic you meet will be a happy and independent person. This is due to the pride they take in their craftsmanship. Many times, they will even show off their own bike when they come to work. They love the company of fellow bike-lovers and wouldn't trade their career in for any other.


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